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Skyline Yachts is the world’s first metaverse/NFT based yacht builder. Owning an Skyline Yacht NFT not only provides enhanced functionality within the REALM metaverse but also gives the owner exclusive rights to build the yacht in reality.


The Skyline Yachts range currently includes five models, the ‘Skyline 14 Dawn’; an open decked chase boat, the ‘Skyline 14 Dusk’; a closed cabin chase boat, the ‘Skyline 24’; a big yacht in a compact form, the ‘Skyline 36’; a high volume explorer yacht and the ‘Skyline 44’; a fast, efficient and intelligent yacht. Each model utilises ‘knot design’, an approach derived from the art of nodology(knot tying) to create tension, dynamism and strength in surfaces and forms. This styling philosophy also ties the models together in a distinctive brand identity.


Although the exterior designs will remain identical across realities the interiors will be customized for their differing use cases. Within the metaverse the interiors will be primarily used for displaying NFTs and hosting games with friends whereas in reality the yachts will have contemporary design and conventional layouts. In both cases interiors will be customisable for individual clients requirements.


Further to the initial range of designs we will also be offering a bespoke design service for those who have their own ideas or would prefer an entirely unique design with the help of our partners at Andy Waugh Yacht Design.


When our clients decide to take the step from virtual to real our existing manufacturing facilities will provide the highest quality steel and aluminium constructions at competitive rates. Pricing will be based upon the clients personal interior fitout specification and propulsion preferences.

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