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REVOLUTION is an aggressively styled 45m concept intended to be a stark contrast to conventional yacht styling. The design is a unique, sophisticated 3D form with well-defined surfacing and inherent dynamism and strength. The upper structure appears to be cantilevered from the hull side giving the design tension and a distinctive profile. Boldly faceted surfaces flow along diagonal lines to sharp points creating the impression of purpose and focus in the direction of travel.

Unlike conventional designs which have an unbroken ‘coach-roof’ above the wheelhouse Revolution has a distinctive trident style structure evoking notions of the ancient Gods of the sea Neptune and Poseidon. The Revolution logo was inspired by the Japanese samurai symbol for the revolution of the universe and serves as an interesting, contrasting detail to the surrounding structure.

Despite its radical appearance the design contains similar levels of accommodation to any other yacht of comparable LOA and conforms to all conventional standards. The main deck houses the master suite and main saloon while four guest cabins and crew accommodation are on the lower deck. Aft of the wheel house on the bridge deck is an informal lounge/cinema space leading out to an alfresco dining area. In all there are four versatile deck areas that could be tailored to a client’s specific requirements. In the current specification there are two pools, one at the bow and the other on the sun deck and a sociable, coffee style seating area on the main deck aft.

Revolution is certainly an experiment in pushing the boundaries of yacht styling but it is an entirely feasible design educated by the many similar size projects I have worked on over the last ten years. It should appeal to the kind of client who is bored by traditional yachts and wants to stand out in the crowed and make a bold statement.

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