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EXPEDITION is a high-volume 75m explorer yacht with unparalleled levels of accommodation and a range of features usually only seen on yachts above 90m L.O.A. The initial specification was developed in collaboration with a potential client whose high expectations inspired the interesting arrangement of the yacht. His desire to include so many large and awkward features within the 75m package was challenging and as a result produced an extraordinary design.

The styling of ‘Expedition’ uses strong graphical elements and long sweeping curves to disguise the high levels of internal space and potentially ungainly helicopter and swimming pool features. Dividing the bulk of the yacht with graphics in this manner helps create an impression that the vessel is light and dynamic. Aspects of the styling are futuristic and radical but combine to give an impression of an unthreatening, classic yacht design. Both smoothly curved surfacing and sharp edges have been incorporated to create interesting and unique sculptured effects centred around balconies amidships. The explorer yacht proportions (with accommodation distributed more towards the bow) produce a strong, purposeful posture and the lines sweeping diagonally up towards the tip of the bow provide an intrepid character.

With a range of 5000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 15 knots ‘Expedition’ fulfils all aspects of the client’s stringent specification without compromising on styling or the day to day functionality of the vessel. At an estimated build cost of around 100,000,000.00EURO the design offers unparalleled value in a compact and easily manageable package.

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