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The ‘Decadence’ concept embodies the extravagant spirit of the 1920’s, taking inspiration from the extraordinary automotive and aeronautical advances of the era. She exemplifies the potential of the SWATH hull form which offers unique and exciting aesthetic possibilities yet to be fully realized in the luxury superyacht sector. ‘Small-waterplane-area-twin-hull’ vessels are catamarans with submerged, cylindrical hulls attached to a central body by ‘stilts’ of minimal cross section. As a result of this configuration ‘Decadence’ could achieve a reduction in pitch and roll movements of around 70% when compared to a conventional monohull, vastly improving both comfort and safety onboard.

At 80m in length and with 30m of beam her displacement would be around 5000 gross tons, roughly equivalent to a typical 120m yacht. Her SWATH configuration opens up a plethora of new possibilities for creative interior layouts and spaces, for example the owners suite could be 20m wide, 30m long and have 3m ceiling heights! Each deck has fully enclosable exterior areas providing the owner numerous options concerning privacy and weather protection. Crew areas and technical spaces could be consigned to the ‘sponsons’ and submerged hulls creating an incredible blank canvas of space for the guests in the main body.

The excessive beam inherent with catamaran designs can make harboring such vessels challenging, Decadence addresses this issue in several ways; firstly the increased stability negates the necessity to shelter from adverse weather conditions, the design also has built in capacity for two 14m chase-boat tenders by Skyline Yachts, one with and open deck and one with a fully enclosed cabin. These can be used as luxury shuttles to shore with enhanced capacity and comfort over conventional limo tenders. The design also includes a radical new propulsion system which, when combined with its slender hulls, should reduce energy use by around 30% minimizing refueling frequency…

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