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ASCENDANCE is a highly efficient 111m superyacht designed to be approximately 25% lighter than a conventional yacht of similar specification. This has been achieved by fully utilising the advanced steel and carbon fibre construction technics developed by Nobiskrug Superyachts alongside visionary naval architecture.

The exterior styling of the concept disguises the practical nature of the vessel using a strong diagonal feature and segmented graphical elements to add dynamism and lightness. The steeply angled bow creates a sense of strength and solidity while the elegantly sloping aft structures give the impression of speed and efficiency. The solid elements of the bulwarks rise and fall giving way to glass in specific areas enhancing the sense of openness and natural light in the interior.

The exterior deck spaces of Ascendance are generally versatile and open for personalisation however they also include several unique and interesting built in elements. The helipad forward on the owner’s deck expands and retracts to provide a regulation landing zone without compromising the styling of the vessel. On the bridge deck there is an intimate ‘fire-pit’ area sunken into the deck creating the ideal sociable environment for large gatherings or smaller family events. The swimming pool on the main deck provides a dramatic waterfall feature as you board from the swim platform and acts as a focal point for the rest of the deck.

There are 8 guest cabins situated on the main deck forward above which the owner’s suite occupies the expansive forward upper deck. The owner’s suite dressing and study are grand and spacious while the bedroom crowns the deck, wrapped by 180 degrees of angled windows with dramatic views forward. The angled aspect of the glass adds to the dynamic aesthetics of the design and also has the practical advantage of reducing reflection and improving the views outboard during twilight hours.

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